OSYPKA offers a great variety of connection cables and accessories for the radio frequency system HAT 500®, the irrigation pump, as well as for all ablation and diagnostic catheters.

Please inquire about further specialty products or custom designed devices.

Connection cables for ablation catheters
Connection cables to connect OSYPKA AG ablation catheters with thermistor or thermocouple elements to radio frequency generators


Connection cables for diagnostic catheters
Connection cables to connect OSYPKA AG diagnostic catheters
with EP labs

- Usable with all OSYPKA AG diagnostic catheters
- Connection to standard EP labs via standard pin connector box

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HAT 500®-System
Consisting of Generator, Pump and Remote Control

- Includes accessories for standard operation
- All listed items are available also individually


HAT 500® Accessories
Additional cables & accessories to complement the EP lab

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