Temporary Leads

OSYPKA offers a comprehensive array of products for all temporary pacing needs in the fields of interventional adult and pediatric cardiology. Pacing leads are available with varying stiffness. Ideal placement and steerability is achieved through a stylet-driven design in some models. Depending on the catheter type, they are especially suited for:

- Pre- and postoperative stimulation
- Support during pacemaker implantation/exchange
- Rapid pacing during TAVI, valvuloplasty
- Long-term stimulation (max. 30 days) of patients, e.g. with PM pocket infection
- Mapping during electrophysiological procedures
- Reference electrode for 3D Mapping
- Emergency stimulation

OSYPKA temporary transvenous pacing catheters can be used via an OSYPKA extension cable compatible or directly with an OSYPKA pacemakers, such as PACE101H (single chamber), PACE203H (dual chamber) and PACE300 (triple chamber for biventricular pacing/CRT).


Temporary “All-Rounder” lead with a fixed connector. Straight or with J-Curve for atrial septal wall placement.



Especially convenient in emergencies such as bradyarrhythmia or saltatory conduction diseases. HELIOSTM can be placed in the heart easily and without X-ray control.

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OSYPKA has been manufacturing reliable and innovative temporary pacing leads for over 40 years.

Please contact us for more information regarding our OEM production of innovative stimulation leads.