Transesophagial Leads & Stimulators

Esophageal Stimulator and Booster

The OSYPKA PACE50E is a stimulator and booster for the transesophageal semi-invasive rhythm diagnostic and therapy. The difference between the transvenous and the transesophageal method are higher amplitudes and longer impulse durations up to 20 ms, for which this special esophagus pacer is required.

- Gentle atrial stimulation
- Diagnosis to select potential patients for electrophysiology therapy
- Quick termination of supraventricular tachycardias with transesophageal
- Ambulant determination of frequencies and recovering sequences
- Upgrade of a programmable intracardial pacemaker to an atrial
  transesophageal pacemaker due to the booster function

OSYPKA PACE50E (​Art. No. ​61311) ​ ​


Rostock Filter
Butterworth High-Pass-Filter

The Rostock Filter is a Butterworth Filter which provides a filtered bipolar ECG recording for an unambiguous P wave interpretation at minimal risk. The Rostock Filter was developed in cooperation with the University of Rostock, Germany. Bipolar signal recording allows to focus on the selected area while providing noise free detection.

Special Features:
- Differential diagnostic of extra systoles and tachycardias
- Analysis of tachycardias with narrow and wide chamber complex
- Easy differentiation between ventricular and supraventricular tachycardias
- Quantitative analysis with esophagus memory ECG
- Differentiation of tachycardia during transesophageal electrophysiology
- Control of pacemaker functions
- Hemodynamic optimization of AV-sequential pacemaker implants

Rostock Filter (​Art. No. ​61312)


TO-F and TO-F J

The temporary esophageal leads TO-F and TO-F J in combination with the esophagus stimulator OSYPKA PACE50E and the Rostock Filter (Butterworth high pass filter) are designed for the transesophageal stimulation and recording of proximal cardiac potentials of the atrium and ventricle. They are suitable for a variety of semi-invasive procedures, such as:

- the diagnostic of cardiac arrhythmias in children and adults
- the precise determination of AV and/or VVdelays to support left ventricular
  lead implantation during biventricular pacing (CRT)
- the depiction of the esophagus and the stimulation of the left atrium during
  pulmonary vein ablation

TO-F (​Art. No. ​27514)
Diameter: 7F
Pole Number: 4
Pole Distance: 15-15-15
Lead Length: 95 cm

TO-F J (​Art. No. ​27515)
Diameter: 6F
Pole Number: 4
Pole Distance: 10-10-10
Lead Length: 95 cm

Connection cable
- 2-polar, single-use (Art. No. 81827)
- 4-polar, re-usable (Art. No. 81826)