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Open technology platform for medical electronics, Moore4Medical 



Project duration: July 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023


Project description 

The aim of the research project at OSYPKA was to develop a technology platform for a new generation of active implants with an ultrasound-based energy supply on biocompatible MEMS systems (MEMS - Micro-Electro-Mechanical System). The application example was an implantable system for monitoring bone healing processes. The healing process can be estimated by measuring the force transmitted to the implant. High forces indicate poor bone healing and low forces indicate advanced bone healing. The reference system is currently powered by a battery. The demonstrator developed in the project can be operated by coupling ultrasonic energy. Future active implants could be miniaturized because they do not rely on constant energy supply, thereby eliminating the need for battery installation.


The picture shows the developed bone healing monitor demonstrator. Since the ultrasound concept was developed and verified in the project, a clear demonstrator form could be chosen. Force sensors and MEMS are housed in the visible recesses of the indicated bone, which carry out the measurement as well as the energy and data transmission.

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At OSYPKA, we pride ourselves on continuously working on ground-breaking research projects in the medical field. Our current projects cover a wide range of medical challenges and aim to create innovative solutions for patients and medical professionals worldwide.

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