Company history

Our milestones


An innovative neurostimulator developed and manufactured by OSYPKA receives market approval from the FDA in the USA. 


OSYPKA AG not only celebrates 45 years of OSYPKA AG but also the receipt of the first CE mark according to the new MDR guidelines for Class III products. 




A large, new clean room area is put into operation.   


A maximum number of contract development projects in the area of active implants with a focus on neurostimulation are reaching or have already passed the design verification phase.  

Customers from Europe, USA, Japan and Israel rely on our company's expertise to develop their future, innovative products. The first products are being successfully used clinically in Europe.  

Another milestone is reached: the first neurostimulation product co-developed by OSYPKA receives approval from the FDA to start a clinical study (IDE) in the USA.  


30 years after the world's first introduction of the first high-frequency generator for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias using ablation, the latest generation of the generator, the HAT500, won the reddot design award 2016. 

The first customer in the field of active neurostimulation implants receives the CE mark and brings the products developed and manufactured by OSYPKA onto the market in Europe.


Due to further growth, there was a need for additional production space; an extension building was inaugurated in Rheinfelden on September 4th.  

In order to be able to continue to manufacture price-sensitive products ourselves, an additional production location, OSYPKA sro , was established . founded in Odry , Czech Republic.


Founding of the development and production site OSYPKA MedTec Inc. in Longmont (CO) with a focus on active implants in order to be able to serve the market for novel and innovative neurostimulation solutions in the USA. 



A crucial, strategic decision is made: Due to decades of experience in the development, production and approval of active implants in the cardiac area, the company OSYPKA offers other medical device companies the service of contract development and contract manufacturing with a focus on neurostimulation. Pulse generators as well as new electrode systems are being developed.  

OSYPKA also has many years of experience in the development, production and approval of steerable catheters in the cardiac area; these skills are also offered to other companies as a development and production service.  


Prof-Ing. Peter Osypka hands over company management to his daughter Prof. Dr. Nicola Osypka. 

He himself becomes chairman of the supervisory board. 

In 2010, Achim Kitschmann returned to OSYPKA AG after a break and ran the company together with Nicola Osypka. 


Another company building in Rheinfelden is inaugurated. It includes 7,720 m2 of office and production space, as well as 500 m2 of modern clean room space. 

On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony, Professor Earl H. Wood, who was Professor Peter Osypka 's supervisor in the 1960s during his fellowship at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, was invited as a guest of honor. 

As a special honor for this pioneer and inventor of aviation medicine, the street on which the company building is located was named after him. 




secure jobs at the location, Peter Osypka buys back the company that would otherwise have been closed. The companies at the Berlin and Florida locations are run by the sons of Dr. Markus Osypka and Thomas Osypka were taken over as independent companies. 


Peter Osypka sells OSYPKA GmbH with its subsidiaries in Berlin and the USA to the Swiss company Sulzer. This was intended to position the company for the future and open new sales channels to the USA and worldwide.  

Peter Osypka founded the non-profit and charitable Peter Osypka Foundation. 

Die Stiftung unterstützt viele soziale Projekte in Zusammenarbeit mit der Caritas International, sowie mit Kinderkardiologen und Kinderherzchirurgen, die sich weltweit für das Patientenwohl von Kindern einsetzen und mit Operationen vor Ort Kinderherzen hilft. 


OSYPKA is building another building at the new location in Rheinfelden because the previous capacities were no longer sufficient.   Unternehmens­geschichte


The company's second major invention comes onto the market. The world's first high-frequency generator for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias using ablation was developed. It is used for the first time in Düsseldorf and, for the first time in the world, gently and safely cures WPW syndrome. This method is quickly becoming established worldwide. To date, radiofrequency ablation is the gold standard for treating drug-resistant cardiac arrhythmias. 

A subsidiary was also founded in Berlin in 1986 to develop and manufacture external temporary pacemakers.



Peter Osypka founded the production and sales company OSCOR in Palm Harbor, Florida, in order to be on site with his own products in the important medical technology market in the USA. 


The number of employees is growing. The first building of our own is being constructed in Grenzach-Wyhlen. 



Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Osypka founds Dr. Osypka GmbH Medizintechnik in Lörrach in order to be able to implement his many ideas for advances in medical technology.

Shortly after founding his company, he brought the world's first implantable pacemaker electrode onto the market with a lifetime guarantee against breakage of the electrodes.  

Another break-through invention was the design of a screw-tip pacemaker lead that now securely attached to the inner myocardial wall. This techniqe made implantation very safe, radid and durable. The principle of scew-tipped leads would become the number one method of lead fixation in the years to come, up to this day.