Our guidelines

Deliver excellent performance

To earn the continued loyalty of our patients, healthcare professionals, and customers by consistently demonstrating why we are the first choice for quality, service, value and innovation.

Safety, health and environment

We do not compromise on the integrity and quality that contribute to the health and safety of our patients, customers and employees. We handle resources and possible environmental impacts of our business activities carefully.

Constant focus on quality, performance and efficiency

We deliver the highest quality and performance and build on long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers. We are a values-driven company that actively initiates continuous improvement and positive changes in the development, production and sale of products and services.

Further development of employees and appreciation of diversity

We have the highest recognition for the diversity and contribution of our employees and create a working environment. that challenges and encourages, and that offers everyone the opportunity to develop, learn new things and be successful.

Code of Conduct –
our core values

Excellence, quality, integrity, innovation and responsibility: these core values determine our business conduct. We believe that our company will only be successful if these core values are reflected in all our business decisions. If we act accordingly, it will lead to socially and ethically responsible business activities. This contributes to OSYPKA AG being a respected and reputable partner on the medical market.

Die Geschäftsleitung

Prof. Dr. Nicola
Chief Executive Officer
Achim Kitschmann
Chief Executive Officer
Patrick Nitsche
Chief Operations Officer

Thorsten Göttsche

Chief Technology Officer

Rosemarie Jordan

Chief Financial Officer

Die Assistenz

Daniela Wolpensinger Assistant CEO
Leutrime Balazhi
Assistant CTO
Anja Schiller
Assistant COO