Multipolar cardiac catheter for high-density mapping

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Multipolar cardiac catheter for high-density mapping of the left atrium for the treatment of atrial fibrillation (CeraMap)




Project description 

In the CeraMap research project, a cardiac catheter demonstrator was developed with which the misdirected electrical impulses in atrial fibrillation (AFIB) can be detected quickly and cost-effectively using high-density mapping. With conventional catheters, the measurement signals are guided via leads to the proximal end of the catheter. If high-density mapping is the aim, the large number of electrodes required in the space-limited catheter shaft leads to bottlenecks and also causes high material and set-up costs. To overcome these limitations, flexible PCB technology was used in the project. The PCBs were used both for generating the measurement structure and for signal transmission.


The following image shows the developed basket catheter demonstrator. The measuring electrodes can be recognized as golden dots on the PCBs of the basket structure.

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