Junior professorship in medical assistance systems

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Junior professorship in medical assistance systems



Project duration: 03.08.2022 – 02.08.2025    


Project description 

With “HaW-PROAKtif”, Offenburg University and its partners are pursuing the overarching goal of strategically and systematically positioning the extensive area of professorial personnel recruitment and personnel development within the framework of organizational development in the university’s overall system. A key project goal is to test and establish new recruitment and qualification opportunities for the target group of academics in cooperation with partners from business and applied science. The goal is to examine and further develop alternative implementation options for so-called temporary myocardial electrodes, which are used for temporary monitoring after open heart surgery. For this purpose, alternative construction materials such as flexible circuit boards, the integration of stimulation and measuring electrodes and the integration of other sensor units are being researched. The basis here is the identification and physiological evaluation of the implementation of miniaturized sensor structures in the cardiac electrodes. In close collaboration with clinical partners, it is important to research which sensor data can support future therapy for heart diseases. In this context, the implementation of motion sensors has already been discussed, but also that of oxygen sensors or sensors of ischemia-specific biomarkers. For this purpose, it is intended to investigate and evaluate the usability of flexible circuit board structures for long- or short-term implantable electrode structures. The overarching goal of the project is the production of functional prototypes, which will be examined in close cooperation in the laboratories of OSYPKA AG and the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences.


The following image shows a possible implementation of a temporary myocardial electrode, which was constructed using circuit board technology.


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At OSYPKA, we pride ourselves on continuously working on ground-breaking research projects in the medical field. Our current projects cover a wide range of medical challenges and aim to create innovative solutions for patients and medical professionals worldwide.

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